Tired of Conducting and Attending Boring Meetings that Suck?

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Find Out How to Have Effective Meetings from Meetings Expert Jon Petz!

Boring Meetings Suck: Get More Out of
Your Meetings, or Get Out of More Meetings

by Jon Petz

Meetings, the cornerstones of collaboration, inspiration, and progress, have suffered excruciating humiliation at the hands of corporate America.  Too many meetings drone on like some sort of soul-crushing, walking-dead zombie robbing workplaces of joy, productivity, and time.  But there is good news: meetings can be saved... by you!

Boring Meetings Suck empowers you to:

  • Help take charge of meetings that have become a waste of time and talent and fix their results, or eliminate them.
  • Make good meetings even better by offering new meeting styles and methods of technology use.

With Boring Meetings Suck, you’ll discover:

  • How to be a meeting hero, and get people to show up on time, participate, and return to their desks happy and with extra time in their pockets
  • The right ways to use PowerPoint (and other technologies)
  • Three polite ways to motivate people to wrap up
  • Why you should turn your phone on in all meetings
  • Tips to make your presentation powerful and not pointless
  • How to graciously excuse yourself from a meeting without losing your job

Most books on meetings focus only on the person responsible for planning and hosting the meeting, but Boring Meetings Suck dares to admit what other authors avoid.  Only when attendees learn how to diplomatically speak up and get meetings back on track will everyone benefit.

This book offers dozens of Suckification Reduction Devices, or SRDs, to make the next meeting you attend more efficient and effective.  You’ll discover which meetings you can skip and how to call out the perpetrators of poor meeting etiquette.  But it’s not enough to stop others’ meetings from sucking; you must make sure your meeting doesn’t suck.

Discover how to become a better speaker by making eye contact, working the stage and varying the speed of your speech.  Get the essential elements for planning large meetings or conferences and get new techniques that will help you run “get in, get it done and get out” meetings.

When done right, meetings can rock. They can be vehicles for innovation, motivation, and decision-making.  They can spark revolutions.  They can save the world! All you have to do is not let them suck, and this book shows you how.

You Heard About it from The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Success Magazine and CBS News, and Here Is What Real People are Saying in Their Comments:

Nationwide InsuranceIrreverent for certain (consider the title), but Jon has created an encyclopedia- like compendium of great ideas to make meetings more efficient and effective. Who cannot use more time and fewer ineffective meetings?

Larry Hilsheimer, President and Chief Operating Officer, Nationwide Insurance Direct

Momentive Performance Materials HoldingsThis quick reference, easy-read provides some great tips and guidelines to drive effective meetings.

Craig O. Morrison, Chairman & CEO, Momentive Performance Materials Holdings LLC

Finally a book that addresses the IMPACT a meeting can have on its attendees and how that can affect the bottom line, rather than how the bottom line affects the attendees!

Chris Curry, President & CEO, Destinations By Design Event Management

Jon Petz is the global authority on audience engagement because he’s spent 15 years traveling the globe, engaging audiences.  His book is the perfect resource for any organization that wants to reach the people who matter most, or for someone who simply wants to suck less.

Scott Ginsberg, The Nametag Guy, Author of “The Approachable Leader”

SARCOM, Inc.If everyone would adopt the ideas for better meetings contained in this book, many businesses would be more productive. Bad meetings waste a lot of time and most business managers have never had any training on how to conduct an efficient meeting.

Randy Wilcox, Founder SARCOM, Inc.

Pacer LogisticsThe book brings light to a serious problem in corporate America. I am planning on buying 10 copies to hand out at my company and “pay it forward”. Great read I recommend for any person or business that may get caught up in having meetings to see what we need to meet about.

Scott Renda, Pacer Logistics

Very interesting read. Wish I had this information when I was working for a living. Your book is full of insights that have to get into HR departments of all companies. Make it happen just as the “One Minute Manager” did back in the 90′s. We all had copies and the training, as it became an industry standard…then it was replaced by another theory. Your, Boring Meetings Suck “nails it” and the business world needs to know! Thank you.

John Kennedy

This book cover caught by eye and I thought it looked interesting! I am a busy professional and mom, and don’t have a lot of time to read these types of books. But it’s very well laid out, quick and easy to read. And funny! You don’t have to read it cover to cover, you can pick and choose which topics apply to you at the time. It’s practical but innovative, with lots of great tips you can use right away. If you plan, lead, or even just attend a meeting, this book is for you. You can even send an anonymous copy to your boss! Can’t wait to use some of these tips in the next meeting I attend. (or get out of attending). A must read for any professional.

A. J. Hiday

Definitely a must-read for people who want to make the workforce, or any gathering fun & memorable.

Tim K.

Everyone in Advancement’s Professional Development Book Club loved your book. The icing on the cake was finding out it was written by a Bobcat. Quite a few of your ideas have already been implemented and our meetings have improved noticeably. We are charging full steam ahead with our transformation into a non-sucky meeting environment. Most importantly, we are focusing on our facilitators being prepared, maintaining control of their meetings and introducing technological tools that will enhance communication!”

Ohio University Professional Development Book Club

This book highlights the problem with corporate America. As a person that spends most of my time in meetings on a daily basis I can certainly understand where this book is coming from. This book is straight to the point and speaks the truth with a nice touch of humor. I wish everyone would take note and follow the principles in Jon’s book. Everyone will uncover a few principles that they will find relevant to their company or situation.

Shawn B.

And don’t worry, Jon even has one comment from a person who hated it. And that’s great too, because if it doesn’t rub some people that wrong way, then he did something wrong!