Motivational Keynote Speaker,  and Groundbreaking Author Jon Petz…

The Man Who Believes Meetings Don’t Have to be Boring!

Jon PetzIt had to be said, and finally, someone was willing
to say it.

Engagement and performance expert and groundbreaking author Jon Petz is a former corporate executive who was sick and tired of that helpless feeling of hours turned into days, days into months of lost productivity and anguish due to back-to-back meetings that resulted in meaningless impact. That anguish turned to a positive when Jon created an effective meeting workshop that he provided internally at his employer, but was soon asked to speak and provide meeting effectiveness training to organizations of all types throughout the country.

Jon’s clients now include world leading organizations, such as IBM, Cardinal Health, Accenture, Deloitte, AT&T, Marriott, US Air Force, JP Morgan Chase, ABC, Honda, FOX, Goodyear, and Nationwide Insurance.

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Meetings Expert, Keynote Speaker and Meeting Effectiveness Trainer

Jon has experienced much success with his “take no prisoners” approach to effective meetings. The approach brings a breath of fresh (and engaging) air to everyday office meetings. With new styles of meetings that can soar instead of bore, self-titled “speed meetings,” and his “Suckification Reduction Devices” (SRD’s) that can be applied quickly and easily to any meeting environment, the Bore No More movement has been implemented across large and small organizations with great success and gratefulness.

As a funny motivational keynote speaker, Jon has engaged audiences of 25 to more than 25,000 people, never holding back true, impactful content. Whatever the language or audience type, Jon is an engagement expert who masters the ability to relate to his audience and capture them through the emotion and content of his presentation.

Jon Petz is available directly for personal appearances and live speaking presentation.

Groundbreaking Author

Jon is the groundbreaking author of Boring Meetings Suck: Get More Out of Your Meetings, or Get Out of More Meetings (Publisher: J. Wiley & Sons), which reveals how to transform the boring meetings you attend and conduct into vehicles for innovation, motivation and decision-making.

Jon is also the author of “Significance . . . In Simple Moments”, producer and author of “Unlocking The Secrets” (DVD) and a co-author of “Best of the Best.”

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