Finally, a great introduction for the keynote speech

Many meetings suck – I know you’ve heard me say that. But Not ALL of them. Seriously!

As a Keynote Speaker, I commonly have my intro read with from someone with a lack of energy, enthusiasm or even decent enunciation.  It’s tough to complain, as generally it’s the event chairman, senior executive who has hired me or someone that simply pulled the short straw and got stuck with the job.  It’s not their fault. This isn’t what they do. It’s what I do. 

The result, we disengage the audience before the professional speaker / “engagement expert” can hit the stage. Now, we are starting from a negative 10 engagement level as opposed to even a break even. 

Well not today!  I can proudly and happily say I had a great introduction down in Tampa recently. Not only a great intro, but a great speaker to put the audience into the passionately listening mode. The best part of it all? It wasn’t a hired hand or professional event emcee, it was the person who hired me. She was a senior exec running a major call center in the wireless industry and she was FANTASTIC on stage.  She had energy, conviction and passion. She shared the service metrics and numbers with ease and even had me (the outsider) listening intently and cheering as certain goals were met, exceeded and challenged to get even better.

Can I share with you the relief when I don’t have to take the first five minutes of a presentation and sell the audience back into listening!

The recent GSA and NOAA meetings needed her as their speaker.  (Yeah, the ones all the uproar are about in which they hired outside speakers and magicians to help tell their story to engage the participants.)  Professional commentary – here are my thoughts on the GSA and NOAA meetings with a magician)

So Doral from Tampa.  I thank you! 

  • Thank you for being a client and meeting so many great people that understand the impact a little “7 of hearts” can have.
  • Thank you for commanding the attention of the audience because of your skills. As opposed to many senior execs who are demanding of the attention due to their status or role.

Together we worked magic – and it was an awesome experience with the world’s leading wireless provider.  Hope to see you again!

If looking for a some quick SRD’s on great intro’s – then download the book, check it out at the libary or borrow a friends.


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