Prevent business meeting tangents – or learn to Let ’em go – you decide.

Productive and effective meetings are littered with ever present tangents that take the meeting to new levels of unproductive suckiness.

Here’s one thought on how to prevent tangents from taking over your meetings.


Ever been in a meeting when Tangent Tony hijacks the conversation with an off-agenda issue, taking it in a direction you didn’t expect?

You’ve been there and so have I. So what happens next?

  • The meeting’s objectives don’t get advanced as planned
  • People feel discouraged about wasting precious time
  • They get impatient with Tangent Tony—and you, the facilitator

Yeah, you guessed it. The meeting sucked.  So what do you do about it?   This time on Boring Meetings Suck TV I take a look at the fact that the office meeting tangent may be valid. Maybe this meeting tangent DOES need to be addressed first. What then?

So here’s a new episode from Boring Meetings Suck TV and Professional keynote speaker, Jon Petz that will help deal with tangents in your effective office, business or other meetings.

Also check out my post on how to Park those tangents that kill effective meetings “Meetings Have Tangents? Tell ’em to Park it!”


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