Need Help Starting Your Meeting on Time? Try “Pass The Pad”

Tired of people walking in late to your meetings and you want to Start the Meeting On Time?

When asked to come speak or consult as a meetings efficiency expert, near the top of everyone’s list of meeting complaints is “Not Starting On Time!”  It’s a poor meeting etiquette habit that is prolific throughout the universe of meetings.  While every team, department and organization will handle it differently, I have found one universal SRD (That’s Suckification Reduction Device”) that has received the most feedback, praise and additional ideas and uses.  That SRD is… Pass The Pad.  It’s simple and quick idea that you can implement in your next office, business or organizational meeting to keep your meeting moving forward, incent attendees to show up on time and avoid the dreaded ‘What did I miss?’ abuse.

So here it is – one of the best SRD’s in the book, that’s fun to use and immediate in results.  Check out the latest episode of Boring Meetings Suck TV on “Pass The Pad” and watch the fun and results that stem from it.

For more ideas on how to start your meeting on time….every time, watch a previous episode of Boring Meetings Suck TV – “Starting Your Meeting On Time

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