Effective Meeting (Or Boring) Time Calculator?

As an effective meeting trainer and idea lab, here at Bore No More strive to bring you good uses of meeting time. But as you know, that isn’t always possible due to a variety of causes and distractions. So hopefully, if you are leading an effective meeting you won’t see this app popping out.  It was released (or at least updated) this week by Ginormouse Games called “Show Me Da Money”. (Yeah really).

Is it an effective meeting tool? No.

Is it an app to learn how to run effective meetings? No.

Is it at all helpful to running a productive meeting? No.

BUT, it will track how much money you make during boring meetings!  And there IS something to say for that creative approach.  Actually it will calculate how you earn as you do anything in reality.

If you like to check it out visit the iTunes app link here.  No cost to download.

Effective Meeting Tool?

Effective Meeting Tool?


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