Don’t bring twister and my mom into this…

We might just have to have Penelope Trunk submit some more of her favorite sucky meeting stories. Although an older post at I like her style and tact, although having my mom and twister in the meeting certainly won’t help the efficiency.

I also have come up with a new chapter for the second edition of Boring Meetings Suck…How business networking events SUCK when poorly planned. The sound of the loud slllllluurrrrp was my wasted time thinking that they would have an environment conducive to actually being able to speak to and hear other people.

Even in this environment – what is the primary objective of THAT meeting? Was the obnoxious band at the networking event similar to the ring tones going off in the meeting and taking all the attention away from that actual matter at hand? Was THAT in the agenda?

Whenever there is an opportunity for a gathering of people to meet – there is always an opportunity to make that meeting suck!


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